about us

After the war in 1947, Alexis Katsimprakis, father of two sons, Costas and Giannis, established a grocery store, where they sold the first vegetables produced by local farmers. Alexis went every morning with his sons for fishing, and brought the daily catch of usually small fishes and octopus, to grill it on a barbeque made of an ammunition chest. Within a decade, Alexis’s grocery store had transformed into a tavern and became famous to the locals for a glass of ouzo or retsina, accompanied by fresh seafood mezzes and salted fish. In the 1970’s, Costas bought the place and with the help of his brother, they pioneered in fresh seafood. Their efforts attracted world famous celebrities such as Aristotles Onassis and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Winston Churchill, Maria Callas, Anthony Queen, Telly Savalas, Roman Abramovich and literally many many more. 60 years later, the fourth generation of the family Katsimprakis, are still operating with a passion of serving only the finest quality of seafood, the best Greek wines and spirits, as well as organic vegetables produced in our own garden by mr Costas Katsimprakis. You can dine in our restaurant and experience the most authentic flavours where the world’s historic names chose to dine again and again and offer your palate a fresh taste of Greece.